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Shopify Brand Owners Doing Over $30k/m...


With Our Google & YouTube Ads 'Funnel System' So You Can Finally Get Off The Revenue Rollercoaster & Scale Consistently

If We Don't Beat Your Current NCPA, YOU DON'T PAY. Watch The Video Below To See How.


Brands That We've Helped Scale

Take a look at our prolific track-record after working with over 50+ 7 figure e-commerce brands.​

Njord Gear

From $140k/m To $500k/m

We took Canadian Smartwatch Brand Njord Gear From a Poor ROAS to Half a Million In MRR.

Joe Gambino's

Hit $1.2M In One Month

We helped beloved bakery Joe Gambino's hit $1.2M in revenue During Their Seasonal Period.


From $0 - $80k/m

Starting completely from scratch, we took jewellery brand Spirilet from $0 on Google to $80k/m.

The Black Stuff

From €0 To €50k/m

We helped irish Men's Soap Brand The Black Stuff Go From €0 To €50k/m In Just Two Months.

The Ponyjet

From $1k/m - $50k/m

We helped the pony jet go from a product losing money each month on Google to add 6 figs in ARR.


From £4k - £40k/m

We scaled protein.com to £40k/m at a 500% Return on Ad Spend using Google Advertisement

Where Brands Go Wrong

DTC brands that come to us often struggle with these key problems.

Over-reliance on Meta Ads

Too many DTC brands over-rely on Meta ads. With short creative life-cycles and inconsistent performance, this is not a recipe for success.

Low ROI Preventing Scalability

You might already be running Google ads, but you're struggling to scale up your spend without your ROI metrics tanking, leaving you with barely any profit overall.

Lack of consistent performance

Your paid ads are great for a few months, but then underperform. There's not a lot of consistency, and you're not confident in increasing your adspend.

How we help:

It's vital that you avoid these mistakes. Here's how our system helps you make sure you stay in the green.

Build a new Acquisition Channel

We help our clients diversify their ad dollars into Google ads, an incredibly profitable & scalable channel.

Improving MER For Your Brand

Because our method is so profitable, we're able to scale our client's budgets whilst improving their ROI. 

Scale Results Consistently

We're able to predictably and sustainably grow our client's businesses on demand.

Our Hybrid Process

Gain insight into our Unique, Custom-developed mechanism that's proven effective for over 75 e-commerce brands so far.


Cutting-edge research into your market, keywords, emerging trends and exactly what ads your competitor's are running. We also write all your ad copy in-house.


The boring backend setup that drives 80% of the results. This is the stuff other agencies miss. We'll install enhanced conversion tracking, import relevant audience from Google analytics, optimise your merchant centre and more.


We then build out our 'funnel system' into your account. This covers every stage of the marketing journey, not only capturing existing demand but also producing new awareness.


Once we're launched we conduct audits on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is where the work really begins as we focus on optimising campaigns, scaling budgets, and producing your brand more revenue over the long term.

Take It From Our Clients

Watch testimonials from real 7+ figure brand owners that we've helped scale.

"Can't recommend George and his team enough... from the get go we've been profitable. If you are looking at Google ads, go with George and his team 100%."

Jake Ellis

Founder of Cadena Jewellery

"Working with the guys at the paid search company has been effortless... They've increased our spend by over 20x, and this has all been profitable!"

Toby Gilbey

Founder of The Pony Jet

"George and his team takes care of everything... Highly recommend. George and his team will take care of you very much."

Gianluca Farone

Founder of Njord Gear

"The difference between you and the 3-4 other agencies we've worked with is that you've drawn up an action plan and actually stuck to it."

Thomas Trow

Co-Founder Of Bazoo

Hey, I'm George.

I've been immersed in the world of eCommerce for 3+ years, and I'm happy to say I've built one of the best paid search teams in the world.

Seven to eight figure eCommerce brands across come to us from our presence on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIN for one thing and one thing only.

Profitable Google ads that actually scale your brand's revenue.​

Get Your Action Plan.

Book your free call to see whether we're a good fit for eachother. If we believe we're a match, our team will create a FREE Google Ads Audit or Action Plan to demonstrate specifically how we'll scale your brand.

"Working with the guys at the paid search company has been effortless... They've increased our spend by over 20x, and this has all been profitable!" - Toby Gilbey, Founder @ theponyjet.com

Toby Gilbey, Founder @ theponyjet.com

  • Demo of our Google ads process.
  • A custom Google ads action plan for your brand.
  • Clarity on whether Google ads is right for you.
  • Multiple case study examples in your niche.